According to Claasen (2019), about 30% of the clothes made around the world are never sold, and the cost of this inventory distortion was estimated to be $210bn in 2018. Moreover, H&M struggled to deal with its unsold clothes worth…


According to Claasen (2019), about 30% of the clothes made around the world are never sold, and the cost of this inventory distortion was estimated to be $210bn in 2018. Moreover, H&M struggled to deal with its unsold clothes worth $4.3bn in the same year, stating the problem of excess inventory in the fast industry. (Paton, 2018) In addition, consumers experience shopping and decision exhaustion owing to endless discounting and the overabundance of choice, which googling “black dress” yields 7.2 trillion results. (Andrea, 2019)

Therefore, Wearry is an app that features Styling service using the overstock in high- street market with the goal to build the bridge between the excess inventory and customer needs. Through answering few questions regarding size and style preferences, our stylists will recommend a collection of garments from the overstock of our partners with a discounted price. Customers can edit it or use live chat to communicate with our stylists before ordering. Each order will be added a £6 styling fee, which include free shipping and returns. Besides, the app will also generate income by charging 20% commission each product sold and mobile app advertising fee.

The app targets budget consumers who is looking for a convenient way to style themselves. Furthermore, it’s differentiated in both the off-price market and the styling service market. On one hand, off-price retailers like Tk-Maxx do not have an app, which makes the shopping journey less efficient. On the other hand, the app is different from other styling company like Stitch Fix since it taps into consumers’ needs for sustainability by using overstock as styling products and preventing clothes from sending to landfill.

We are encouraging consumers to sign up by launching a membership worth £70 for £50, which they can later redeem in their purchase, for the first 300 people registered.

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