How to Create the Best Water you can from a Benchtop Water Filter

Hi and Welcome to our video on How to Create the Best Water you can from a Benchtop Water Filter. If you have any questions or if we can help you with anything, please contact us on 1800 769 300…


Hi and Welcome to our video on How to Create the Best Water you can from a Benchtop Water Filter.

If you have any questions or if we can help you with anything, please contact us on 1800 769 300 or jump over onto our live chat on

Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. I’d like to welcome you to the benchtop water filter category page. Here we will help you create the best water you can from a benchtop water filter. Benchtop water filters are great for renters, students, home and business owners who want an affordable and portable water filtration solution with no installation costs. If you’re new to water filtration, and you are drinking tap water or bottled water now, you’re in for a treat, because if you decide to get a benchtop water filter, your drinking water is going to taste a lot better and you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year. The systems on this page are mainly for towns, city-treated scheme water, so if you’re on rainwater, head over to the rainwater page in the menu above. The biggest things to consider, are the filtration type, the test results, the connection to your kitchen tap, or where you’re going to set it up, and the cost.

The main goal for water filtration is to create safe and clean water that everyone enjoys. There are four main types of benchtop water filters. There are different benchtops for different circumstances. There is the classic benchtop water filter, this is the most common and it’s the only option for unlimited water on demand. There is a benchtop gravity water filter, these come in plastic, ceramic or stainless steel, and the way they work, is that you fill the top tank and the water is filtered via gravity as it drips through the cartridge down into the bottom tank. These filter at about one liter per hour, per cartridge, so they really create great quality water. Then there is reverse osmosis benchtop water filters. These are the safest bet for maximum contaminant removal, but they have a slow flow rate of about 200 mils per minute and you have to catch the water in a container to use it later. We have distillers. Distillers are not really filtration but still create pure water through the distillation process. It heats up the water into vapor and then cools the water through condensation, which also takes time but it does create 100% pure water. Classic benchtop water filters connect directly onto your kitchen tap spout thread, they are great for a single person, a couple, and families, as they have constant free-flowing water on demand. Most of our major brands offer a water filter in this range, like the Aquasana Countertop Water Filter, very modern-looking, with great test results but no fluoride removal. Then there is the Ultrapure Aragon Classic Benchtop range, which we really do recommend because the filtration from these products is unmatched. Ultrapure Aragon offers a full range of single, twin, and triple benchtop water filters and your choice to remove fluoride or add alkaline.

They are an all-round system, good for anyone on chlorinated, chloraminated, or fluoridated town or city treated water, but they are just as great for rainwater. Doulton offers a similar product but it has a smaller range, they are good for rainwater, but they haven’t really kept up with the test results for city water. Then the UltraStream, this is a great option for high alkaline and hydrogen-rich water. Moving on to benchtop gravity filters, these are very popular if you’re single or a couple or a small family.

There are plastic styles available but we are yet to find a BPA-free option that is certified and affordable. The ceramic gravity filters are a very popular option in this range. We have some beautiful ceramic stoneware gravity filters like the Filteroo. They have fantastic cartridges like the UltraCeram that removes the fluoride also. There is also a stainless steel gravity water filter. We have tried various brands over the years, but there are a lot of stainless steel systems out there that rust, be aware of that, and we have decided to run with the Berkey, as we only want high-quality stainless steel systems that don’t rust. Berkey has been around for a long time and we have never had any problems. Fantastic cartridges with great test results and a long lifespan, but they do not remove fluoride. They do have a cartridge for the option of removing fluoride though.

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