Aesthetic Voyage 2018

365 Rambley days that were 2018 for Jake and Audrie and the aesthetic voyage; this was the 8th year of photo-a-day. The road took me to South Africa, Australia, and back to Arizona this year. We tied the knot, and…


365 Rambley days that were 2018 for Jake and Audrie and the aesthetic voyage; this was the 8th year of photo-a-day. The road took me to South Africa, Australia, and back to Arizona this year. We tied the knot, and start our first full year married…but before we do, this all happened!

Hans Zimmer – Journey To The Line
Pearl Jam – Who You Are
Covenhoven – Ghosts of Kerouac
Bob Schneider – 40 Dogs (Romeo and Juliet)
Tom Waits – Picture In A Frame
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika
Dierks Bentley – Burning Man
Foo Foo Fighters – Everlong

2018 SuperlativesBest Photo: Audrie in The Zion Narrows

Best Breweries a: Wibby Brewing, Longmont, CO b. Nottingham Road Brewing Co., Midlands, South Africa c. Monkey Fist Brewing, Traverse City, MI

Best Sandwich: Hot Brown, Louisville KY
Best Beer: Keg of Brother Thelonious at our Wedding!
Best Roadtrip: Amarillo Loop > TX, OK, KS, CO
Best Adventure: Finding Zulu Uqumbothi Beer in South Africa

Best Meals – a.) Fogo de Chao, Las Vegas NV b). Big Texan Steak, Amarillo, TX c) Scott Bowers St Pats Spread, Denver, CO d.) Lobster Roll at Mabel’s Lobster Claw, Kennebunkport, ME e) Sosoba Noodles, Flagstaff
Favorite Restaurant: Mod Pizza

Best Month: May
Best Beach: Nordhouse Dunes Camp, MI

Best Breakfast: New Years Eve Frittata with Jane and Dave
Best Sunset: Six Sunset Streak in Ludington, MI
Best Town: Sydney, Australia
Best Happy Hour: Kavasutra with Cory
Best Hike(s): Calf Creek, Bryce Canyon, Zion Narrows, Buckskin Gulch – UTAH!!
Best Book: Steinbeck – Grapes of Wrath
# of Books Read/Completed: 5

Best Camp Spot: Great Sand Dunes with Mike and Garrett
Best Skinny Dip: Lees Ferry with Mike, Colorado River
Best Concert: Bob Schneider in Fort Collins

Favorite Roads: a. Back Roads Death Valley with Luke, b. Kit Carson National Forest, NM, c. White Mountains, NH
Best State: New Hampshire
Best Nature Hug: Shoshone Point, Grand Canyon
Best Movie: Hostiles
Best Rental Car (of the 17 rented): The White Jeep Wrangler out of Salt Lake City for Zion.
Favorite Show: Survivor
Best Shower/Bath: Westin, Sydney Australia
Best Pool!: The Lodge On The Desert
Best Coffee Shop: Logan House Coffee, Stanley Market, Denver, CO
Hardest/Worst Day of the 365: July 14 – Cancelled Wedding Plan, June 28/29 – Sufferfest, Move out of Denver

Number of Flights Trips – 36
Favorite Game: Snake vs. Block
Guilty Pleasure: SimFarm

Howd you spend Valentines Day: Took AC to Snarfs and Rickoli
Howd you spend your birthday: Steak in Cheyenne, Sushi Karaoke
Howd you spend AC’s birthday: Zion/Utah Ramble
Howd you spend Christmas Day: Crashed AC Overnight in Ontario, CA
Howd you spend New Years Eve: Private Party at Lodge of The Desert, Tucson

Closest to death: Slipping on Ice at Betsie Point Light
Worst Fight: Disagreement over the runners.
Best Holiday – St Patricks Day

Biggest Regret – Didnt exercise enough. Let my weight slip.
Worst Disappointment – Havasu Falls getting flooded out for our wedding
Best Luck of 2018 – Silver Recalled Recovery

# of On Campus Work Trips in 2018 – 5
# of Weddings in 2018 – 4
Something new in 2018: Learned to smoke a cigar & Insta Pot Ribs

Best Quote: “I love the dark hours of my being.
My mind deepens into them.
There I can find, as in old letters,
the days of my life, already lived,
and held like a legend, and understood.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

Best Song: Eric Church – Round Here Buzz

Best Days of the 365:
1/ Vows on Mount Lemmon, July 20
2/ Completion Ceremony, July 21

Favorite/Most Notable Moments:

Seeing Breckenridge in State Final at Ford Field
Burns Night processional in St Louis with Haggis
Being a part of a real life Surprise Party for Cole
DeathStar Nipple Moon-rise Paint Nite!
Splashing at Buckskin Gulch group photo
Writing my vows to Audrie (both drafts)
Audrie Overdoing it at Press-Fest
Violet’s Affection
Meeting with Shane’s Family
Suprising Audrie in Birmingham
Bar Night after Mike’s Wedding
Sick Day Flu in January
New Years Day Mai Tai in Hawaii Jan 1 2018
Spring Training Game with Grandpa
Havarti Picks a 16 seed upset for UMBC in March Madness
That White Pants Suit for Bachelorette in NYC
Yoga at Lake Powell
Our interviews with Rhinos
Going to the top of Mt Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania
That amazing bridesmaid for Amy’s wedding
Zion Narrow Hammock Hang / De-hang
Dancing on the stage at Hotel Congress after wedding party.

**Most wedding photos credit back to KJames Photography

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