10.18.2015 Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Obvious? – by Matthew McClure

I don’t normally teach with a big podium in front of me – this is a joy – but strange. Many of you are curious – are supporters – and have been praying for us at Kent State. God has…


I don’t normally teach with a big podium in front of me – this is a joy – but strange.
Many of you are curious – are supporters – and have been praying for us at Kent State. God has really blessed us – this is probably the biggest year – we don’t know why that is – we do things with excellence – we are not the coolest show out there – but God has been helping us to grow.
I have been married for 9 years – I’m 33 years old – some say I look younger. My wife is pregnant with our third child – Mason is 5, Phoebe is 3 and the third is due right around Thanksgiving.
Why doesn’t God make Himself more obvious to us?
We were going through a series called ‘WHY?’ – and a few disclaimers – this message was designed for college students – but maybe a good way to think about this – this is an apologetics type teaching – and even if you don’t struggle with this, it can equip you as you deal with the world.
When I first met Tiffany – she was still in High School and I was in college. We had a mutual friend. I wasn’t quite sure if she liked me back. For college students – this is funny – but our relationship started to take shape over Yahoo Messenger. We would hang out in these chat groups – and she would do this thing that would throw me off – just when I thought she really liked me – she would call me – like Buddy – or man, or dude – what girl, if she likes a guy, calls him buddy? She did like me… we’re married now. And I kept thinking – why can’t it just be obvious – I like you, you like me, what are we going to do about it. I know this is a silly story – but something we bring into the spiritual realm – why can’t God make Himself more obvious.
This question unites the Christian and non-Christian. We think our questions are diametrically opposed to those in the world – but I want to find common ground – and this is a question that everyone asks – skeptics and spiritual seekers – it is part of our common humanity – and can be a great starting point for relationship.
The way I could answer this – I could go scientific… – Creation screams for a Creator – scientifically – no one knows the origins of the universe.
My wife is pregnant – there is this tiny person living inside of her – and it screams CREATOR! I think it is obvious – but I don’t think that is why people ask why God isn’t more obvious? – Because we ask it with our hearts – why isn’t He more obvious to ME?
I come to the conclusion – the question under the question – why do we want God to be obvious? We want to know the One in whose image we have been made.
You know the story – we rebelled against God – we were to reflect back God’s image – but it was fractured and broken and cracked – and the broken pieces cry out –
Could it be that God is obvious in our inescapable longing to know Him?
How do we experience this God we long for?
Most of the students I interact with will say something like – Just give me a sign – do something extraordinary – then I’ll believe. I honestly – as I read the Bible and look at the testimony of the people of Israel and those Jesus interacted with – I don’t know if that is true.

Can you imagine God dropping into the campus – and instantly turned the ugly library into something beautiful – what do you think would happen?
Some would say – God is real, God exists!
But I don’t think they will say – I will follow Him and obey Him with all my life.
Did God really speak the universe into existence so we would acknowledge His existence? No – He wants us to know HIM – to experience Him in the ordinary
Seeing the supernatural doesn’t require faith – walking with God each day does. People claim they need the extraordinary – but I don’t think it works that way – that does not get us to where He wants us to go. He is after our hearts.
Walking with God requires faith –
Heb. 11: 6 And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.
The question that God might pose to us – to you – to those seekers and skeptics I interact with – do you earnestly seek Him? The question gets flipped back to us – we say – God, you have not done anything supernatural to lead me to you – but God could ask – have you sought me? Do you pray and serve and give your life away – to do those things that bring us into closer intimacy with God?
I often tell college students – I think this works – I made this up – this could be wrong – I always say – Faith opens the door behind which God stands.
We want God to be so obvious that we don’t need faith – but God says that without faith He will not be obvious to us. We don’t want to walk by faith – but to chase one spiritual high after another. Without faith
God WILL make Himself obvious one day. But in the meantime – He calls us to walk in the murky darkness and to walk by faith – to see that He is with us.
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